Meaning of Ayurveda – Knowledge of prolonged life.
A 5000 year old holistic medical system which is widely practiced in India and especially popular in Kerala. Ayurveda theory holds that the body is controlled by three Doshas (forces) themselves made up of the basic elements of space, fire, water earth and air, which reflects the forces within the self. The three Doshas are : Pitta, the forces of the Sun which is hot and rules the digestive processes and metabolism; Kapha likened by the moon, the creator of tides and rhythms. Which has a cooling effect and governs the body’s organs and bone structure; Vata wind which radiates to movements, circulatuion and the nervous system.

To diagnose an imbalance, the Ayurvedic doctor not only goes into the physical complaints but also into family background, daily habits and emotional traits. Once a problem is diagnosed it is then treated with a combination of strict diet (vegetarianism) massage with essential oils, spiritual practice and ancient herbal medicines.

Popular treatment includes Abhyanga (Full body massage), Shirodhara (head & neck massage followed by a gentle stream of warm dripping onto the forehead. Shiro Abhyanga (head massage) and Sarvangadhara, a full Ayurvedic oil massage, followed by a selection of other treatments.

Other Curative Treatments

Rheumatoid arthritis (3 weeks)

Osteo-arthritis (3 weeks)

Lumbar cervical spondylitis (3 weeks)

Nervous disorders (3 weeks)

Frozen Shoulder (3 weeks)

Digestive disorders (2 weeks)

Skin Diseases (Min 25 days)

Obesity (3 weeks)

Piles (2 weeks)

Diabetes (2 weeks)

Old-age complaints (2-3 weeks)

Headaches (2 weeks)

Paralysis (4 weeks)

Paraplegia (4 weeks)

Sinusitis (2 weeks)

Gastric problem (2 weeks)

Upper Reparative Tract problem(2-3 weeks)

We can plan a whole tour for your treatment alone or combine them as a part with other tours.

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